Brands, products, services and organizations are becoming more and more customer-oriented and the key is to predict their behavior in order to respond to their needs before they even need them. This, together with the great speed of digital disruption has forced traditional marketing channels to step aside and make room for their online alternatives (smartphones, social networks, email marketing, videos…).

Marketing today means marketing for a digital world.

With the 360º Digital Marketing Expert Certificate you will get a global perspective of digital marketing strategy that responds to what marketing departments really need today.

You will put into practice the development of the complete customer journey through the most current marketing tools: branding, positioning, online advertising, lead nurturing, conversion, marketing automation, or big data marketing, among others.

Scholarships available
Expert Certificate
English or Spanish
4 months

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The program is suitable for all those professionals who want to enter the world of digital marketing, obtaining a global and comprehensive vision of digital marketing strategies.

The 360º Digital Marketing Expert Certificate is of interest to you:

  • If you want to specialize your career in the marketing area: either agencies or work in marketing departments.
  • If you have professional experience and need to get into marketing.
  • If you need a global knowledge of marketing.
  • If you have a business and need to reach more customers.
  • If you want to promote to marketing departments.
  • If you still don’t know all that you can get from your customers by applying marketing tools.
  • If you’ve just moved into a management position and need a 360º vision of digital strategies.


  • Design and execute 360º Digital Marketing strategies and tactics based on the analysis of the target audience, competition, market, positioning, competitive advantages, etc.
  • Analyze new business models, critical phases and the most current strategies such as Growth Hacking, Inbound & Outbound Marketing or Content Marketing.
  • Define key steps to design a 360 Marketing Plan: customer segmentation, customer journey, conversion funnel, costs, budgets and marketing KPIs.
  • Investigate all the techniques and tools to use in relation to the customer, both digital and offline: attraction, acquisition, activation, conversion and loyalty.
  • To know the marketing and e-commerce automation tools.
  • Understand the tools of data analysis and exploitation: customer analytics through Data Driven, digital marketing analytics through Data Platforms and Big Data Marketing.



  • Methodology of the Proeduca group, leader in online education. Flexible, personalized and effective study method.
  • 100% online. Study where and when you want, manage your time and combine your training with your personal and professional life.
  • Based on live classes to interact live with the teacher and classmates, online activities and a large amount of additional content and resources at your disposal to deepen your knowledge of the topics covered.
  • Follow-up with a personal tutor who accompanies you throughout the program. With your effort and our support, you will achieve your academic goals!


360 Marketing Strategy. The Customer as the Integrating Axis of Digital and Traditional Marketing
– Basic concepts.
– Phase in the creation of the Marketing Strategy
– Key concepts before designing the Marketing Plan
360 Marketing Plan. How to Design a Plan that Includes Online and Offline Strategies
– Customer segmentation and process.
– Definition and establishment of objectives. Cost and budget planning
– KPIs to measure the effectiveness of the plan
Digital and Offline Marketing Techniques and Tools (I). Attraction, Attraction and Activation
– Communication and Branding.
– Online positioning techniques and tools
– Digital and traditional advertising
– Generation and qualification of online and offline leads. Lead nurturing.
Digital and Offline Marketing Techniques and Tools (II). Conversion and Loyalty
– Conversion.
– Loyalty and retention
– Marketing Automation Tools and Platforms
Analytics Tools
– Customer Analytics: Data Driven
– Marketing
– Digital Marketing Analytics
– Big Data Marketing