Our Global Impact Essentials are continuous development programs with a global impact focus, which provide a deep dive into specific subjects. In all of them, you will face the most critical challenges and will acquire the competencies and abilities needed to solve them.

Thorough to our practical and multidisciplinary methodology, and our live online classes –well-structured, interactive, and faculty-led by our first-level practitioner faculty-, you will enjoy a truly transformative experience that will empower you to lead and drive meaningful change.

Choose the format that best fits your current situation: on-campus or live online.

The methodology of these programs are supported by an educational premise based on the 3 i:

    Short and intensive, our Global Impact Essentials immerse you in a unique learning experience. You will complete the program brimming with energy and ready to obtain an immediate impact.

    Learn together with other professionals in an interactive and oriented to action environment. Discover the power of open exchange, discussion, coaching, deep-diving resources and materials, and, at the end of the day, active and collaborative learning.

    Become a change agent. With our Global Impact Essentials, you will walk away with personal action plans, innovative conceptual frames, and practical tools, to implement from the first day.


In today’s ever-changing environment, you need to stand at the front lines of your organization and become the new type of business leader. A transformative leader who creates, inspires, imagines, connects, collaborates, and stimulates.

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Global Impact Data Analytics

The large amount of data that we generate in our jobs and our lives, make Data Science one of the most demanded skills and with greater professional projection today and in the near future.

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Global Impact Digital Marketing

The Global Impact Digital Marketing is focused on acquiring strategic and operational knowledge about Digital Marketing and Sales Funnel, to increase the sales of any organization using digital channels.

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Global Impact Finance

This Financial Fundamentals program enables participants to obtain the necessary foundations to understand the financial language and reasoning of business management

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global Impact Innovation & Entrepreneurship

This program will allow you to challenge the traditional ways of doing business and get ready to compete successfully in the digital market.

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