This Financial Fundamentals program enables participants to obtain the necessary foundations to understand the financial language and reasoning of business management and provides them, from a practical perspective, with the key concepts, tools and methodologies to make informed financial decisions that create economic value and generate a competitive advantage in their organizations.

In addition, they will learn the functions of financial management in a global environment, as well as the main elements that affect international finance.


$ 1.800
Global Impact
Spanish or English
Online or Hybrid
Online: 6 weeks
Hybrid: 2 intensive weeks
Next intake
May, September


This eminently practical program will allow you to:

  • Acquire a comprehensive perspective of corporate finance, necessary for decision making.
  • To understand and master the main concepts of financial language and reasoning.
  • Deepen in the financial principles that govern business management.
  • To learn practical solutions to solve financial problems in the company and create economic value.
  • Understand the impact of managerial and operational decisions on the financial performance of the company.


This program is designed for profiles that need to better understand the keys to financial management, or professionals seeking to broaden their financial knowledge in order to improve the effectiveness of their business management or relevant decision making in the company.


This intensive program (6 weeks with live classes two days a week in the Online version or 2 weeks of classes in the Hybrid version) combines high-impact lecture sessions, with the study of real cases and additional material to deepen the different areas of interest.

The methodology, based on practical and interactive classes, allows participants to acquire knowledge and exchange ideas and experiences while fostering the creation of new professional contacts.

The evaluation, based on the final elaboration of a critical review on one of the topics of the program, allows participants to put into practice the knowledge and resources acquired during the classes and develop their financial reasoning and critical thinking skills.


Título Contenido
MODULE 1. Accounting and Financial Structure Financial information and the current accounting model: management and accounting concepts.
International financial statements: preparation, analysis and interpretation
MODULE 2. Financial decisions and investment analysis Financial decisions with risk and uncertainty: profitability and risk and sources of information and management in practice.
Valuation of investments: Tools and methods of evaluation
MODULE 3. International finance Global financial management: functions and factors affecting international finance.
Critical Financial Review