Duration: 18 months
Credits: 36 US Credits
Language: English and Spanish
Methodology: online and on campus


  • February – April: Summer Semester registration
    • May: Summer semester begins
  • May – August: Fall Semester registration
    • September: Fall semester begins
  • October – December: Spring semester registration (for the following year)
    • January: Spring semester begins


This program combines design sensibility and methodology with management and marketing strategies, facilitating innovative management designs and processes within an organization.

It prepares students to manage teams in charge of design and corporate image processes, product design, and brand management and serves as a liaison between their team and other cross-functional departments. Design management encompasses the processes, business decisions, and strategies that enable innovation and the creation of efficiently designed products, services, brands, communications, and organizations.


This master’s degree aims to provide students with the skills necessary to expand their knowledge of management and business, professionally aligned with creative work in the context of the product.

Upon completion of the master’s degree, graduates will be able to hold leadership roles in the field of brand management, strategically managing brand strategies and product development, and leading teams on how to bring those projects to life.

Career outlook

A professional with a master’s degree in Design Management can apply his or her skills in a variety of fields, including marketing, product development, communication, and innovation/R&D.

Some of the positions that a graduate of a master’s degree in Design Management can hold are:

  • Product Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Business Designer
  • Innovation Manager
  • Design Manager