We are the first university in the United States to receive the AppliedHE rating.

AppliedHE ranks MIU City University Miami at the forefront of online education

AppliedHE, the leading higher education rating and ranking agency in Southeast Asia, has published that MIU City University Miami, Florida, is the first institution in the United States to receive the AppliedHE ONLINE-Ready rating. You can view the certification here.

The AppliedHE seal of approval not only demonstrates the excellent quality of MIU City University Miami’s online programs, but also gives it more brand recognition in Asia, where AppliedHE is known for assessing learning and employment-focused higher education.


What is the AppliedHE ONLINE-Ready rating?

An institution that is ONLINE-Ready Rated is evaluated based on three criteria:

  • The quality of its online course delivery
  • Its student support system
  • Its evaluations and exams

Programs that meet ONLINE-Ready Rated standards are considered to have the same level of quality as face-to-face programs while offering greater flexibility and the ability to study from anywhere in the world.

MIU’s high score of 88.7 out of 100 suggests that in almost all of these respects, MIU City University Miami is operating at the forefront of what is possible in online higher education.


What is AppliedHE?

Founded in Singapore in January 2020 by veterans of the Asian office of QS Quacquare-lli Symonds, AppliedHE™ is a globally oriented, Asia-rooted higher education branding and evaluation company whose goal is to positively disrupt the global higher education sector. As a consumer and employer-facing brand, AppliedHE™ (“Applied Higher Education”) stands for employment-focused, competency-based higher education, as highlighted by its tagline Skills and Job Ready. Future-proof. The AppliedHE™ brand attracts career-driven students and, for institutions, represents a new approach to institutional advancement, quality enhancement and branding that leads to long-term, sustainable institutional success.