An American Master of Business Administration (MBA) enriches the Curriculum Vitae of every professional, especially those who seek to differentiate themselves and progress in their career. It also helps to advance within a company and holds influence when it comes to deciding on departmental salary increases.

However, these benefits often extend beyond a person’s career goals. They also apply to your social and personal life. In this context, there are great advantages to studying American MBA:

  • International exposure

The degree will improve your credibility as a professional at an international level, thanks to the skills acquired in the international business sector. Having a broad business vision is essential, regardless of the specific area in which you work and the number of people you are responsible for.

  • A higher salary

Holding this degree will enable a higher salary by offering management skills and an international perspective to the company. The market recognizes this learning, with salaries commensurate with the training and effort.

  • A degree guaranteed by official associations

The degree you will obtain is endorsed by the most prestigious professional associations in the USA. Therefore, its academic and professional quality is guaranteed by official organizations such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB-USA).

  • Learn how multinationals work as a whole

Thanks to the interaction with teachers and colleagues from various countries, you will learn how multinational companies work, broadening your perspective on global, social and business issues.

  • Incorporate multi-sector skills

You will incorporate skills applicable in many sectors. These include leadership skills, critical and analytical thinking, and creativity. All this will enable you to become a more skilled professional, regardless of your professional sector.

  • Another differential value: creativity

You will get an international postgraduate degree, which offers a differential value over candidates competing for the same position: creativity. The world, which is increasingly technological, lives in an environment of constant change. Therefore, being oriented towards innovation provides a competitive edge over the competition.

  • More job opportunities

Most companies prefer candidates who have studied an MBA. The degree is a clear differentiator when you are competing against dozens of candidates for the same position. You will also be able to perform a variety of roles. Thus, obtaining this degree significantly expands the number of job opportunities.

  • Strengthen networking

You will have the possibility to create or strengthen a network of work contacts within and outside the industry in which you work, as well as in different countries. This will undoubtedly increase your opportunities for the future. This master’s degree will expand your circle of personal and professional relationships, giving you the opportunity to establish many contacts that will enrich your career.

  • Orient your career towards the digital environment

You will focus your career on the digital environment that is transforming the world. If you study an American MBA, you will receive extensive knowledge of the principles of business management in a context characterized by the digitalization of the economy. You will learn to operate in a digital environment. This is essential in the management of organizations in the 21st century.

  • Improve self-confidence

Taking a degree like this will also have a positive impact on your confidence. The skills you learn and the feeling of satisfaction and pride at your graduation will inevitably make you believe in yourself and your achievements.

  • Become a more versatile professional

Studying an American MBA will allow you to incorporate multiple skills, which are applicable to many sectors. In this way, you will become more versatile—regardless of your field of work. Thanks to the knowledge acquired in leadership, critical and analytical thinking, creativity and communication, you will be able to work in many different fields.

  • Improve your communication skills

Opting for these studies will provide you with fundamental tools, such as optimizing communication. You will be able to manage a team or a company, with all that implies. One of the pillars of your management is not only to have clear instructions to convey to the staff in your charge, but even more important is to know how to transmit them. Not all people involved in a business understand the same message in the same way. Getting all areas to internalize the full purpose of an instruction is one of the most valuable skills a person in a position of responsibility has.

  • Train for better decision making

Guiding the team towards a goal is a complex and sometimes slow task, especially in large companies. An American MBA teaches you how to make good decisions and support them with evidence, how to interpret them properly and how to present them in a persuasive way.

  • Master stress and pressure

A lack of time or help generates tensions that often worsen the work climate and the possibility of achieving the objectives set. The ability to master negative emotions and withstand pressure within tolerable limits uncovers valuable skills in any organization. Such a degree will also bring emotional self-control to your work environment—and to your life.

  • Learn how to be a good leader in today’s world

Leadership is one of the essential professional skills learned when studying an American MBA. A manager must learn to take on the collective challenges of the organization as their own. He or she must arrange his or her resources—budget, equipment, material assets—according to the same objective. An effective leader does not look at themselves, but rather unites the vision of those around him or her towards the same point: the company’s mission.

  • Manage time and work flow better

Those who lead projects, manage, or administer resources must be aware of the elements involved in a process, the different areas it covers, and the time it should take for each one in order to avoid bottlenecks. To do so, it is essential to understand the relationships between all those elements. This program will make you capable of doing so.

  • Take a leap in your career and reinvent yourself

Renovation, seeking new directions, ands adapting to the environment are challenges that shouldn’t be neglected. If you consider that your professional career is on hold, if you feel stagnant or trapped by the work routine, this is a great opportunity. An MBA will revitalize your career, awaken your interests and offer you another horizon to aim for.

  • Prepare to begin

An important percentage of students who are studying an American MBA are looking for the necessary tools to create their own business. This degree provides key and transferable skills to encourage you to realize precisely that dream. You will not only acquire skills to move up the organizational ladder, you will also receive the necessary drive to make that idea you had long put off into a reality, and put on an “entrepreneurial suit”.

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