Gradual learning: from Spanish to english

Submerge yourself in the MIU Graded Format

Today, multilingual education is a basic necessity. Some of the reasons for this is the current internationalization in corporate and institutional entities.

For this reason, at MIU, in addition to the degrees taught entirely in English or Spanish, we offer the opportunity to take our Spanish to English Gradual Format that incorporates, in a progressive way, the subjects taught in English until the last part of the degree, in which students will study entirely in English.

Studying at MIU means being immersed in an international environment and facing challenges on a global scale. This format will prepare our students for the real world in order to develop the English skills necessary for a successful bilingual career in the international market.

How does it work?

According to this system, we incorporate courses in English once the student gets used to the rhythm and methodology of the university to progressively learn to interact in an English academic and semi-professional environment. Along with the first 2 years of the degree or semester for those studying for a master’s degree, we incorporate our English Proficiency Track (EPT) tailor-designed English Proficiency Track (EPT).

The EPT is designed to adapt quickly to studies in English and is incorporated along with the bachelor’s or master’s degree courses throughout the first two years of the bachelor’s degree or the first two semesters for the master’s degree. The EPT is designed to improve English language skills to the level required to complete the last 2 years of the bachelor’s degree or the last two semesters for a master’s degree entirely in English.

Students in the gradual format will study exactly the same subjects as other bachelor’s or master’s degree students in English or Spanish, but progressively from Spanish to English.

This is what your curriculum will be like with the gradual format

PRE PROGRAM 100% Spanish
FIRST YEAR 80% Spanish / 20% English (by semester 2) English Proficiency Track (EPT)
SECOND YEAR 60% Spanish / 40% English
THIRD YEAR 30% Spanish / 70% English
FOURTH YEAR 100% English
PRE PROGRAM 100% Spanish
FIRST SEMESTER 100% Spanish English Proficiency Track (EPT)
SECOND SEMESTER 60% Spanish / 40% English
THIRD SEMESTER 30% Spanish / 70% English

Advantages of the gradual format

Become proficient in the international language of the business world.

Immersing yourself in an English program alongside your bachelor’s or master’s degree courses will give you greater language skills and confidence. With a stronger level of English, you’ll have more opportunities to make a difference in the professional world.

You’ll gain a huge advantage.

You will be fully immersed in English classes and social activities conducted in English. Furthermore, you will gain a total language immersion experience, which will be especially useful during your academic career. This program is specifically designed for university students seeking the highly international character of MIU. You will receive a unique learning and adaptation experience that you will not find in similar courses. This immersive experience will be enhanced by your like-minded classmates: students who are equally committed and capable of learning at a fast pace.

You will interact with students from different degree programs

Not many university students have the opportunity to participate in a special program that will allow you to interact with students from all over the world who are also pursuing their degree at MIU. You will share everything with them: the same professors, the same class dynamics, the same daily experience. The level of English you will get will allow you to interact with all of them from the first day.