Duration: 18 months
Credits: 42 US Credits
Language: English (online and on campus) and Spanish (online)


On Campus and Online:

  • March 25-29: Registration for Summer 2020 Semester
  • May 12: Summer Semester starts
  • August 15-21: Registration for Fall 2020
  • September 8: Fall Semester starts
  • December 7-11: Registration for Spring 2021


The Master in International Business Administration is an academic course addressed to all those who wish to improve their professional career by acquiring specialized skills in the fields of economics, finance and markets, general management and marketing (web marketing and in-bound Marketing). In a context in which internationalization is widespread among businesses, the course provides theoretical and practical training that enables students to analyze different business contexts at international level and to develop the ability to intervene effectively within processes which characterize them. The course program is structured to meet the needs of modern business, providing an in-depth knowledge of the economic and financial principles and logic behind business systems and national and international institutions. Through the analysis of the evolutionary path of the economic environment and the different markets and through a strongly applied study approach, students will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to understand the complexity of management of complex organizations.


Upon completion of the MBA Master’s Degree, students will have developed advanced skills in managing new business models and financial and business complex projects in leadership and HR management. In particular, the Master allows graduates to:

  • Develop the skills needed to transform ideas into practical innovations
  • Acquire innovative know-how on enterprise management
  • Expand knowledge of international markets
  • Understand the logic behind the international financial and tax systems
  • Networking in Europe and the United States
  • Obtain an MBA degree or an internationally recognized Master

Career outlook

Expected job opportunities include the following areas, with particular reference to structures and business companies characterized by levels of excellence and internationalization. Graduates from the Master in International Business Administration will have greater opportunities to stand out in their career in the following professional sectors:

  • International organizations
  • Public and private enterprises
  • Financial companies, financial intermediation and savings management
  • Monetary and Market Supervisory Authorities
  • Business design and development companies, industrial, commercial, and service companies
  • Financial and economic advice companies
  • Sports associations
  • Tourism companies

They will also be able to manage consultancy activities as experts of: international taxation, auditing and risk management, business design and development at international level