Flexible programs, achievable goals

MIU of­fers you the op­por­tu­nity to take your course 100% online, giv­ing you max­i­mum flex­i­bil­ity in how you manage your studies.

online student experience

An innovative and interactive study platform

MIU’s in­no­v­a­tive and tech­no­log­i­cally ad­vanced study plat­form “Mar­coni In­ter­na­tional Cam­pus” is the re­sult of the university’s dis­tance teach­ing and learn­ing re­search. All the study ma­te­ri­als in­clud­ing video lessons, in-depth ar­ti­cles and case stud­ies are ac­ces­si­ble at any time within the plat­form and from dif­fer­ent de­vices: your PC, smart phone or iPad. You can lis­ten to recorded video lessons at any time and in­ter­act in real time with the teacher dur­ing the we­bi­nars or live ses­sions where stu­dents can clar­ify doubts and ask ques­tions about the course.

Obtain an American Degree from wherever you are

Thanks to the on­line study model it is pos­si­ble to ob­tain an Amer­i­can de­gree and qual­i­fi­ca­tion from wher­ever you are, with­out mov­ing to the United States. You can organize your study to be compatible with your work, stay with your fam­ily and still ben­e­fit from all the ad­van­tages that an Amer­i­can De­gree can offer.

An affordable option with 100% of the quality

MIU’s online courses offer the same quality degrees with personalized attention and networking opportunities as their on campus counterparts, all at a more affordable price and in a more convenient format. The online courses offer lower costs for tuition, fees, textbooks and materials, as well as financial assistance and flexible payment, increased flexibility and reduced travel requirements.

Take online exams and tests using a continuous evaluation system

For each course the stu­dent must pass as­sess­ments and tests at dif­fer­ent stages of study path: two mul­ti­ple-choice tests in the mid­dle and end of the course, an as­sign­ment and a final exam con­sist­ing of an open ques­tion that re­quires the ap­pli­ca­tion of ac­quired knowl­edge. 90 min­utes are sched­uled for the in­ter­me­di­ate and final tests and 120 min­utes for the open ques­tion. The av­er­age re­sults achieved in the dif­fer­ent tests will de­ter­mine the final grade of the course.

Flexibility in organizing your study: how, when and wherever you like!

With the on­line study sys­tem you can study whenever you prefer, rec­on­cil­ing the time ded­i­cated to study with your work or fam­ily com­mit­ments. To­gether with your tutor you can or­ga­nize study times, plan ac­tiv­ities and mon­i­tor your re­sults and progress on the plat­form where your exams and grades will be reg­is­tered.


Online Requirements FAQ

Will I need a computer and what are the minimum hardware and software specifications?

You’ll need access to a computer with a reliable internet connection, a computer camera and microphone, and Microsoft Office for your assignments.

How do I complete exams for online courses?

For each course the student must pass various assessments and tests at different stages of study path: two multiple-choice tests in the middle and end of the course, an assignment that will be corrected by the teacher and a final exam consisting of an open question that requires the application of the acquired knowledge. 90 minutes are scheduled for the intermediate and final tests and 120 minutes for the open question. The average results achieved in the different tests will determine the final grade of the course.

When can I start an online degree?

There are three intakes per year, allowing you to start in Spring (March), Summer (June) and Autumn (September).

How many hours per week will I have to spend on online courses?

Hours vary depending on the course, but the general recommendation is around 15 hours of class time and 15 hours of personal study time.

Do I have to log on to online classes at a particular time?

Yes, there are some classes that offer online synchronous tutorials. These will generally be offered taking into account the time difference for international students, and you will receive a full timetable of your online synchronous sessions.

Does it matter where I am? What if I live in a different time zone?

No, it doesn’t matter where you are – that’s one of the biggest reasons to take an online course. You’re able to study from anywhere in the world; all it takes is a computer and an internet connection.

Do online degrees follow the normal university calendar?

Yes, online degrees have the same overall calendar, with added flexibility in how you organize your classes and study time each week.

Will I need to attend the university for any event during my online course?

No, the courses are 100% online and there are no on campus requirements. You are, however, always welcome to visit the campus if you would like to.

Online student experience FAQ

Will I miss out on the “college experience” if I do my degree online?

As an online student there will be some aspects of your student experience that are different to that of an on campus student. There will be less hanging out at parties, but the same opportunities to network and create professional connections for the future. You will need to be organized and self-motivated in the management of your time, which brings its own advantages for your professional future.

Are online degrees interactive?

In addition to the presentations and videos used in the classes, students will be asked to participate in the virtual classroom, in discussions, group projects, web-based forums and chats. In asynchronous classes these will be held over several days rather than in real time.

How many students are in the online classes?

The number of students in an online class varies per course and intake.

What support will I have as an online student?

In addition to direct contact with your personal tutor, you will learn from experts and have access to community forums, instant messaging services and regular live discussions. The online learning environment contains videos and interactive activities for you to watch and learn from as necessary. You’ll also have access to the university’s online library – including e-textbooks and journal articles. Technical support will be available for any issues regarding the virtual learning environment.

How will I access the library as an online student?

Online students have access to many library services provided by the campus. Online library services by campus can be found in the Student Management System area of this website.

Will I have a graduation on campus for my online degree?

Yes! You will be invited to your graduation on campus just the same as any other student. If you are unable to attend the graduation yourself, we will send your degree certificate in the post.

Will I have any networking opportunities?

You are able to message fellow students and tutors, participate in discussion forums and group work, and attend live lectures. It is a highly interactive environment where you’ll feel part of a community, and just as on campus, you’ll exchange contact details to follow up later.