• Duration: 4 years
  • Credits: 120 US Credits
  • Language: English (online) and Spanish (online)


  • March: Registration for Summer Semester
  • May: Summer Semester starts
  • August: Registration for Fall
  • September: Fall Semester starts
  • December: Registration for Spring


Academic year September 2024


The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration prepares students to mature into professionals that have an active role in the economic decision-making process. It provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the nature of economics and with the right tools to operate in financial institutions and public and private organizations. The bachelor’s degree in Business Administration is offered online and in English and Spanish.


At the conclusion of the bachelor’s program, graduates will have acquired the theoretical and analytical skills necessary to fully comprehend the functioning of markets, businesses, and financial institutions, as well as the role of economic policies and their influence on the business sector and the economy itself.

Those in possession of a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration may continue with their academic studies and pursue a master’s degree or a doctorate, if desired.

Career outlook

Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration offers high-level training in management, finance, regulation of enterprise, business innovation, and leadership areas.

The course guarantees the acquisition of the key skills needed to operate in a vast range of professions in business and take on roles with operational responsibilities in the following contexts:

  • Management and Control over Public or Private Companies
  • Corporate Management and Business
  • Financial and Fiscal Advisory
  • Bank and Insurance Services
  • Business Risk Analysis and Planning Activities
  • Business Management in Products and Services Firms
  • Accountant
  • Goods and Services Marketing Expert
  • National and International Companies Auditing and Monitoring