Today, project managers are transforming their teams and processes online to be more competitive and agile than ever before. Thanks to the development of digital project management, collaborative software, or cloud storage systems, work is done more efficiently and with better results. The profile of the Digital Project Manager thus becomes a key piece of project management for any organization.

The Digital Project Management program will train you in leadership, planning, resource control and quality management of results in each project you carry out.

You will learn to achieve the established objectives within the framework of scope, time and resources to obtain innovative solutions in the digital era, which requires the implementation of numerous digital projects and professionals with a profile that provides a balance between various interests: project management, business and technology.

Scholarships available
Expert Certificate
English or Spanish
Online o On campus
4 months online
2 weeks on campus


  • Analyze the norms, project management standards and Information Technology services, including agile project development methodologies.
  • Apply the best practices contained in the most recognized project management methodologies according to market standards and ISO standards.
  • To be able to analyze and select the most suitable development methodology, according to the technological needs of the project.
  • Manage information technology services, their development and operations, according to the ITIL methodology.


This Expert Certificate is oriented to the following profiles:

  • Traditional project managers who want to incorporate agile methods.
  • Professionals interested in deepening their knowledge and application of agile methodologies, new organizational and management models and improving the efficiency of their companies.
  • Digital professionals and technology companies.
    Recent graduates who want to learn agile methodologies.


MIU offers the opportunity to choose between two different study formats, each designed to suit different student needs.

Which format best suits you?


  • Methodology of the Proeduca group, leader in online education. Flexible, personalized and effective study method.
  • 100% online. Study where and when you want, manage your time and combine your training with your personal and professional life.
  • Based on live classes to interact live with the teacher and classmates, online activities and a large amount of additional content and resources at your disposal to deepen your knowledge of the topics covered.
  • Follow-up with a personal tutor who accompanies you throughout the program. With your effort and our support you will achieve your academic goals!


  • Live the USA experience. Move to Miami, an international hub of multiculturalism, and experience the dynamism of one of the largest American cities.
  • Meet in person professionals of different nationalities and backgrounds. Participants in each class group are carefully selected to encourage diversity and learning.
  • Small groups in the classroom, to encourage interaction with the international faculty and classmates, getting the most out of the classes.


PMP project management
Key concepts of project management.
-Project initiation and stakeholders
-Planning: Integration, Scope and time, Cost and risk, and Communication and resources.
-Professional responsibility
-Quality and procurement
-Project Execution, Control and Closure
-Building a Basic Project Plan
-Recommendations for PMP certification
Agile methodologies
-Introduction to the agile management approach.
-Agile methodologies: Scrum, XP, Kanban and others.
-Lean approach. Agile project launching
-Agile estimation and planning
-Sprint execution
-Follow-up and deliverables. Agile work teams
-Evolution in the management approach: Agile vs. traditional. RUP
-Waterfall or classic approach
-Prince 2
-M-metrics v.3
Administration and management of information technologies
-Service management in the context of digital transformation.
-Dimensions for service management
-Service value system
-Agile principles of service management
-Service management practices (1)
-Service justification
-Data-Driven approach
-Agile Data
-Soft skills for service management