The growing uncertainty and volatility in all sectors and geographical areas force companies to optimize the financial management of their resources to improve their competitiveness and promote their survival.

Therefore, this certificate will help you to face decisions related to corporate finance from a managerial perspective. Therefore, you will be able to determine the economic-financial impact of business decisions, minimizing the company’s risk and maximizing its value.

You will learn to perform a strategic analysis to put into context the financial decision-making, as well as an economic-financial analysis that allows you to know the financial soundness of your company. You will also be able to evaluate and determine the investment and financing policies that best suit the strategic objectives, taking into account the risks associated with them.


Scholarships available
Expert Certificate
English or Spanish
4 months


  • Analyze the situation of the company for correct decision making.
  • Design and implement advanced management control techniques to establish company objectives and develop improvement plans.
  • Locate possible deviations in the company’s management AND manage the control of risks and possible crises in the company.
  • Implement financial policies for the proper management of cash flow, investments or tax planning.
  • Understand the different sources of corporate financing and their alignment with the objective of maximizing the company’s value.
  • Manage management control, finance or other related departments, as well as coordinate the different functional areas in financial matters.


This program is aimed at those who want to develop and enhance strong and cutting-edge financial skills. Also, to those who seek to develop and foster a career in banking, securities, economic risk consulting or in finance departments (treasury, planning and management control), multilateral organizations, regulatory and supervisory bodies or the public sector.

Some of the possible career opportunities would be:

  • Director of accounting/finance department
  • Company advisor in accounting, financial and management issues
  • Risk analyst in financial department
  • Controller
  • Internal auditor
  • Staff/middle management in financial department of multinational



  • Methodology of the Proeduca group, leader in online education. Flexible, personalized and effective study method.
  • 100% online. Study where and when you want, manage your time and combine your training with your personal and work life.
  • Study where and when you want, manage your time and combine your training with your personal and work life.
  • Based on live classes to interact live with the teacher and classmates, online activities and a large amount of additional content and resources at your disposal to deepen your knowledge of the topics covered.
  • Follow-up with a personal tutor who accompanies you throughout the program. With your effort and our support, you will achieve your academic goals!


Business analysis
-Business analysis
-Equity and financial analysis
-Analysis of the capacity to generate profits, value and growth
Corporate risk management
-Risk in corporate management
-Risk identification and risk tolerance
-Risk in financial decisions
Financing policy
-General principles
-Internal Corporate Financing
-External Corporate Financing
-Short-Term Financing Instruments
-Long-Term Financing Instruments
-Financial instruments and services
-Banking relations, negotiation and bank-company balance sheet
-Optimal structure of the company’s financial structure
-Optimal Capital Structure
-Alternative Financing
-New Challenges for Financial Management: the rise of Fintech companies