MIU City University Miami’s cam­pus is lo­cated in the fi­nan­cial and com­mer­cial dis­trict of Miami, the city’s fastest growing dis­trict. MIU is in be­tween Down­town and Brick­ell, where some of the most pres­ti­gious Florida col­leges are located.

The uni­ver­sity occupies an area of 7,210 square feet and includes:

  • 4 classrooms with a capacity of 30 students each
  • Library available to students
  • Kitchen
  • Reception area
  • Administrative office

MIU Campus FAQ

Which courses can be taken on campus at MIU?

The Master in International Business Administration program at MIU City University Miami can be taken on campus in English.

Are the on campus courses different to the online courses?

When the same course is offered both on campus and online, the course material is exactly the same.

As an international student, what will I need to do to study at the Miami Campus?

In order to study at the Miami Campus, international students will require an F1 student visa. MIU’s administration office will help with the process of obtaining the visa, allowing you to live and study in Miami for the duration of the course. In order to complete the admission process, candidates must meet and submit the following requirements:

  • Send the necessary documentation to the administrative office;
  • The administrative office will contact you about obtaining the “I-20 Form” necessary for the F1 visa application
  • An interview with the Embassy
  • The administrative office of the Embassy will contact you about the visa

International students should begin the admission process at least 6 months before classes start in order to leave enough time to complete the visa application and obtain all the documents required to apply for admission.

As an international student, am I permitted to work in the USA?

After graduation, students with an F1 student visa have the opportunity to obtain an OPT that allows them to work in the USA for 1 year, putting the skills acquired during the program into practice.

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