Direct exciting projects.

The world has changed. People need new products and experiences that inspire them, that make them dream and look forward to tomorrow. And companies are demanding new professionals who are able to lead, manage and communicate the production of creative projects that achieve this.

Digital products, series, video games, toys, movies… With our training program, you will be able to take advantage of all the training acquired in your previous education or experience, reorient it to the creative world and direct all these projects to the heart of your audience. You will learn everything about visual communication, brand development and the management and distribution of products with soul.

Scholarships available
Expert Certificate
4 months


  • Awaken your creative talent to channel it into project management
  • Learn how to find the soul of a product and communicate it
  • To discover the most efficient way to manage a team
  • To learn the secrets of directing an artistic product
  • Acquire management skills in high demand in today’s world
  • Understanding which project is interesting for people and which one

participant profile

This program is aimed at those who want to focus their career to the creative world and lead creative projects.



  • Methodology of the Proeduca group, leader in online education. Flexible, personalized and effective study method.
  • 100% online. Study where and when you want, manage your time and combine your training with your personal and work life.
  • Study where and when you want, manage your time and combine your training with your personal and work life.
  • Based on live classes to interact live with the teacher and classmates, online activities and a large amount of additional content and resources at your disposal to deepen your knowledge of the topics covered.
  • Follow-up with a personal tutor who accompanies you throughout the program. With your effort and our support you will achieve your academic goals!

Course schedule

Visual Communication
– Creating effective communications.
– Learn the history of communication to learn how to communicate.
– Learning tools to communicate better – Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign
– From idea to branding
– Turn an idea into a branding pitch
Brand Development and Strategy
– How to manage brands with the consumer in mind.
– Learning to think from the mind of your future buyers.
– Creating value propositions
– A proposition is nothing without a unique and differential value.
– Give personality to your creative project
– Discover how to design a unique tone and voice for your project
Product Management and Distribution
– Plan your operations in the medium and long term.
– Make effective planning your best weapon
– Better optimize the different project phases
– Master the management of all types of creative products
– Ensure the maximum quality of your production
– You will be trained in management, assurance, costs and dimensions