MIU City University Miami offers a number of scholarships every semester for students who qualify and comply with all the scholarship requirements. Each scholarship awarded covers the entire length of the student’s program.

The MIU Scholarship Committee is responsible for evaluating scholarship candidates and for the awarding, modification, and withdrawal of scholarships.

Scholarship eligibility may be based on a combination of factors. The Admissions Director, after collecting all the required documentation, will pass the students’ information to the Scholarship Committee that will evaluate the applications.

A limited number of scholarships are available to be awarded for each intake period.

Students may apply for only one of the scholarships listed below through the submission of the scholarship application form:


MIU awards scholarships for between 10% and 50% of the cost of tuition for applicants who have successfully graduated from a recognized institution (secondary or higher education) in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, or the Middle East and wish to continue their studies ONLINE at MIU City University Miami. In order to apply for this scholarship, students must provide an original or certified sealed copy of their transcript, sent by the institution. The transcript should be accompanied by an official credential evaluation, completed and submitted to the University by a recognized evaluation service. Students must also send the scholarship application form in which they must indicate the scholarship they are applying for and their chosen program of study.

Maximum sholarships to be grant per intake: 75


MIU recognizes that tuition cost is a major factor for adult students when they make the decision to return to college to finish or obtain a new degree. For this reason, MIU awards scholarships for between 10% and 50% of the cost of tuition for working US citizens and residents who wish to enroll in an ONLINE program. In order to apply for this scholarship, candidates must send proof of citizenship or residency in the US (US passport, Driver License or ID) and their resume, showing a minimum of 2 years of professional experience.

Maximum sholarships to be grant per intake: 50


The Organization of American States (“OAS”) has established the OAS Scholarship and Training Programs (hereinafter the “Scholarship Program”) to provide educational opportunities in the Americas, through the awarding of scholarships each year for research, undergraduate, and graduate studies, both attendance-based and distance learning, and that the Scholarship Program’s coverage and impact are strengthened and augmented through alliances established through the conclusion of agreements with internationally recognized universities that share costs, offer joint scholarships, and reduce tuition costs; MIU City University Miami (“MIU)” has an interest in providing access to quality education to citizens of OAS Member States, and wishes to collaborate with the GS/OAS in its Scholarship and Training Programs.

The scholarship covers all online programs, and MIU awards each recipient with a tuition waiver in the amount of sixty percent (60%) of the published tuition amounts for the applicable Program in effect at the time the Scholarship Recipient applies to the University. To be considered for the OAS-MIU PAEC Scholarship, the candidate must apply, be admitted to the University and apply for the OAS-MIU PAEC Scholarship through the university. The deadline to apply for the first intake/term of the OAS- MIU PAEC Scholarship is August 15th, 2023, and November 20th, 2023 for the second intake/term. Other dates may be established in subsequent years. An applicant must be able to present a university acceptance letter and meet other application requirements by the applicable deadline.

Scholarship eligibility requirements:

  • Interested parties with nationality and / or permanent legal residence of any of the GS / OAS Member States will be eligible. The members of OAS are the countries that are related in the following link: http://www.oas.org/es/estados_miembros/default.asp.
  • To be a beneficiary of the scholarship, the candidate must have completed the admission process and been admitted to the MIU study program.
  • Not having received other academic scholarships from the OAS, at the same level of studies proposed in this call.
  • Before starting any Program, all Scholars must demonstrate their financial capacity to cover the costs of the Program not covered by the Scholarship within an established term.
  • The GS / OAS officials, people who are under results contracts with the SG / OAS, the staff of the Permanent Missions to the OAS, and the relatives of all the aforementioned persons will not be eligible to receive the Scholarships.

Evaluation and selection criteria:

  • Academic profile, merit, and academic credentials.
  • The potential impact of the applicant on the completion of the study program.
  • The geographical distribution of the candidates, considering the most important needs of the Member States, according to the Human Development Index reported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

All scholarship applications are subject to a formal review, evaluation, and decision by the scholarship committee.

  • If a student that was awarded a scholarship, drops out of MIU or fails any courses, the scholarship will be lost, and the student will be responsible for paying the difference of the regular tuition rate for all previous semesters completed before withdrawing.

Maximum sholarships to be grant per intake: 50


The International Scholarship Program of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCyT) has partnered with MIU to offer a full scholarship for the official accredited Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, Management and New Technologies ONLINE program at MIU City University Miami. On top of that, the scholarships offered through this partnership are intended to support outstanding students from the Dominican Republic who wish to develop professionally with a higher university degree. To do so, MIU offers this scholarship for the Master’s in Educational Leadership program which includes the cost of tuition and graduation fee. Degrees are valid in the Dominican Republic.

  • Scholarship to be awarded by MIU: 68%
  • Scholarship to be awarded by MESCYT: 32%
  • Total: 100% of tuition and fees

Scholarship eligibility requirements:

  • Be Dominican, with permanent residence in the Dominican Republic or Dominican or child of a Dominican residing abroad.
  • Graduated from higher education with a minimum academic index of 80 on a scale of zero to 100 or three (3) on a scale of zero to four (4).

Candidates can apply through the official website of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCyT).

Maximum sholarships to be grant per intake: 75


MIU offers a limited number of scholarships for up to one hundred percent (100%) of the cost of tuition towards programs delivered ONLINE in Spanish or English, to provide educational opportunities to national and international candidates who have established themselves as leaders or important figures in a certain field which may include academics, science, film, sports, politics, etc.

Maximum sholarships to be grant per intake: 2