How do I calculate the liquidity risk of a company?
What is liquidity risk? Liquidity risk in economics is the capability of a company to meet its short-term debts, based on its current liquid assets. Liquidity is the capability of an asset to be transformed […]
Design an enterprise architecture with the TOGAF methodology
What is the TOGAF methodology? The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF is a framework for planning, designing and implementing an organization’s enterprise architecture. And what do we mean when we talk about enterprise architecture? […]
Education for gifted children
Gifted or high ability student, what is the correct term? Traditionally, terms such as gifted, child prodigy or genius have been used to describe children with an intelligence quotient (IQ) equal to or higher than […]
Tips on how to use Motion Graphics
What are motion graphics? Graphics in Movement or Motion Graphics are combinations of animated text and images which create the illusion of movement to make an idea more attractive for the public and to catch […]
Recommender Systems in Big Data
Platforms such as Netflix, Spotify, Facebook or Amazon use personalized recommendation systems based on the user’s activity. Recommender systems process all the information related to users’ online activity: their preferences, their interests, the things they […]