Join our Expert Certificates that will give you the resources to deep dive into the most relevant topics for you to specialize your career.

The Expert Certificates are delivered 100% online and have a duration of 16 weeks. The program is available in English and Spanish, so you can choose the language.


  • As part of Proeduca Group, the global leader in online education, MIU’s educational model integrates advanced technology with a personalized and high-quality education.
  • Adapting to your rhythm: 100% online. Distribute your workload according to your personal study rhythm, schedule, and career and strike the optimal balance between your personal/professional life and learning objectives.
  • We use a combination of live video sessions, multimedia documents, online activities and plenty of additional resources, to provide a highly adapted, interactive, and user-friendly educational experience.
  • An exclusive personal tutor who, from day one, supports and guides you throughout the entire academic process (Administration, Academics, Technology, etc.)



Marketing today means marketing for a digital world. With the 360 Digital Marketing Expert Certificate you will get a global perspective of digital marketing strategy that responds to what marketing departments really need today.

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The Digital Project Management program will train you in leadership, planning, resource control and quality management of results in each project you carry out. You will learn to achieve the established objectives within the framework of scope, time and resources to obtain innovative solutions in the digital era.

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This certificate will help you to face decisions related to corporate finance from a managerial perspective. Therefore, you will be able to determine the economic-financial impact of business decisions, minimizing the company’s risk and maximizing its value.

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Proper management of business information is a clear differentiating element from the competition. Any organization that achieves this objective will ensure the strengthening of existing links between customer and company and, therefore, better results due to higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. With this certificate, you will learn how to generate useful information for decision-making based on current tools.

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With our training program, you will be able to take advantage of all the training acquired in your previous education or experience, reorient it to the creative world and direct all these projects to the heart of your audience.

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With this certificate you will develop skills for the positive management of conflicts in the classroom, teaching the basic techniques that, supported by social skills, improve coexistence in the school environment.

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E-commerce and Digital Business ManagemeNT

Gain a global vision of the tools, methodologies and business strategies that will help you leverage opportunities with e-commerce in the world of digital business.

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Quality and Patient Safety

The objective of the program is to train professionals in the development of protocols that minimize the clinical risk of adverse events in an admitted patient and, in addition, to be able to design epidemiology studies for their implementation in health centers, hospitals and institutions.

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Skills for Lawyers

This Certificate will introduce students to the various forms of practice of the legal profession, the need to manage business activity based on efficiency criteria, marketing strategies focused on law firms and lawyers, communication management of the firm, financial operations, document and case file management, and finally will address relevant issues in the field of professional fees.

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The Cybersecurity Expert program is designed to provide the necessary knowledge in the active protection of distributed information systems, using protection strategies, detection systems and intrusion protection. In addition to the knowledge and experience necessary to face, mitigate and mitigate any type of threat or attack on information systems.

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Its main objective is to train professionals in the management of preprocessing techniques that allow determining the quality of the data and validating the possibility of addressing automatic learning tasks for the detection and prediction of patterns.

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You will learn to have business vision, customer orientation, self-leadership and intrapersonal intelligence. You will be able to manage, motivate and increase the commitment of your teams.

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Expert Certificates 2024/25
Data & Business Analytics January 24/ May 24/ September 24/ January 25 / May 25
Corporate Finance January 24/ May 24/ September 24/ January 25 / May 25
Digital Marketing 360 January 24/ May 24/ September 24/ January 25 / May 25
Digital Project Management January 24/ May 24/ September 24/ January 25 / May 25
Design Management January 24/ May 24/ September 24/ January 25 / May 25
Emotional Intelligence and Positive Discipline May 24/ September 24/ January 25 / May 25
E-commerce y digital Business Management September 24/ January 25 / May 25
Cybersecurity September 24/ January 25 / May 25
Data Science September 24/ January 25 / May 25
Strategic Management and Organizational Leadership September 24/ January 25 / May 25