• Duration: 4 years
  • Credits: 120 US Credits
  • Language: English (online)


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  • May: Summer Semester starts
  • August: Registration for Fall
  • September: Fall Semester starts
  • December: Registration for Spring


Academic year September 2024


The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science aims to prepare students to mature into professionals that have an active role in their chosen field. The program is offered online. The bachelor’s degree in Computer Science prepares the graduate for developing and using technologies, as well as being able to design, produce, and manage data elaboration systems in a wide range of applications.


At the end of the Computer Science bachelor’s degree, graduates will have acquired a wide range of fundamental knowledge, especially in the math, information science (computing, electronics, telecommunications), and engineering management fields. By considering the rapid rise in society’s need for information, the student will have developed the capacity to understand and value the working principles of processing systems, both in hardware (system architecture) and software aspects, being able to identify, formulate, and resolve the diverse problems by using updated methods, techniques, and instruments.

The following professional activities are included in the training course for the computer engineer: The design and production of company information systems, the computerizing of public and private agency services through web technology, the development of multimedia and hypermedia systems, the modeling and control of productive processes and complex systems, the development of computer systems based on the project techniques of HW/SW, and the planning of systems based on architectural and network computing.

Career outlook

Graduates in Computer Science will find jobs in industries for automations and robotics, in public and private firms involved in project development and management of informatics and telematics systems.

Employment can be find in the following areas:

  • Software Applications Planning and Implementing
  • Computer Procedures Analysis
  • Web Infrastructures Engineering
  • Software Engineering and Development
  • Networks and Embedded Systems Architectural Engineering
  • Systems and Networks Administration and Management
  • Web Master and Web Designing