Duration: 18 months
Credits: 36 US Credits
Language: English (online) and Spanish (online)


  • March: Registration for Summer Semester
  • May: Summer Semester starts
  • August: Registration for Fall
  • September: Fall Semester starts
  • December: Registration for Spring


Academic year September 2024


The Master of Science in Educational Leadership, Management, and Emerging Technologies program is designed for students who seek roles as leaders in the field of education, exposing them to innovative research and practice in the leadership, management, and administration of educational institutions. Taught by experienced practitioners and active researchers in the field, the Master integrates theory and practice to enable graduates to gain academic and practical skills in oral communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and team building.


This master’s intends to offer students the knowledge and skills needed to strategically manage and lead human resources in particular in the educational and school area. With the completion of the master’s degree, graduates will be able to plan, in accordance with the organizations objectives, human resources activities on the basis of the evaluation of their professional competences and personal attitudes evaluation. In addition, this master’s offers key competences important to develop and manage innovative educational projects based on new digital technologies.

Students will learn how to plan and develop an e-learning project after evaluating and analyzing the specific learning needs of the company personnel.

Career outlook

Graduates from the Master of Science in Educational Leadership, Management, and Emerging Technologies will have opportunities to emerge and stand out in their career in the following professional sectors:

  • High school level headmasters or professors
  • E-learning project manager
  • Public schools administrators
  • Corporate training director
  • Educational manager