The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology of the Dominican Republic (MESCyT) announced on May 19 the call for new international university scholarships 2021. The announcement is part of the collaboration agreement that this organization has with various higher education institutions in the country and abroad, including MIU City University Miami (Miami, United States).

Thanks to this agreement, those interested will be able to receive grants and subsidies to study the Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, Management and Emerging Technologies at this educational institution.

The total number of scholarships available and offered at 100% at MIU City University Miami is 50. Those interested in accessing any of these grants may apply through the official website of the MESCyT.

The application period for the grants starts on Monday, May 24 and ends on June 7. To register and apply for them, you can check the requirements in this link.

The master’s degree, which is accredited in the USA and official in the Dominican Republic, is taught online and in Spanish. It is also complemented by a Certificate in Management and Leadership Skills that prepares students for their master’s degree.

The duration of the studies is 18 months. The academic proposal is aimed at any profile related to teaching or educational centers seeking to advance in their career by acquiring leadership roles in the field of education.

The postgraduate course aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to strategically manage and direct human resources, particularly in the educational and school environment.

At the end of their studies, graduates will be able to plan, in accordance with the organizations’ objectives, human resources activities based on the assessment of their professional competencies and the evaluation of their personal attitudes. In addition, the Master offers important key competencies to develop and manage innovative educational projects based on new digital technologies.

With this initiative, MIU reinforces its strategy to offer the national and international educational community masters and postgraduate degrees driven by innovation in new technologies. Also, by the firm commitment to a disruptive learning methodology at a global level.

This university’s commitment to excellence and quality inspires programs such as the aforementioned MU in Educational Leadership, Management and New Technologies, which will prepare students to face global changes and to successfully apply their academic knowledge to real-life situations.