In today’s ever-changing environment, you need to stand at the front lines of your organization and become the new type of business leader. A transformative leader, who creates, inspires, imagines, connects, collaborates, and stimulates.

The Global Impact Leader is a high-impact leadership program focused on the most in-demand skills, defined by “World Economic Forum 2020” and “Top 5 LinkedIn Skill Report 2019” as:

  • Business vision, client orientation, adaptability, and lateral thinking
  • Self-leadership and interpersonal intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Team management, motivation, and engagement
  • Complex problem solving and results-oriented solutions
  • Negotiation skills, win-win agreements, and networking
  • Effective communication

$ 1,800
English or Spanish
Online or Hybrid
Online: 6 weeks
Hybrid: 2 intensive weeks
Next intake
May, September


Through this practical and results-oriented program you will be able to:

  • Gain insights about your strengths and weaknesses and push your leadership over the top.
  • Master the art of social and emotional intelligence, by developing active listening skills and an open mindset, and achieving more valued agreements.
  • Challenge the way that management is viewed in the modern market and build high-performance teams with an AGILE philosophy.
  • Develop your strategic vision to transform opportunities into business, coming up with more innovative solutions, and making better decisions.
  • Work on the customer experience through leadership as a service approach.
  • Hone your networking skills and expand your professional network internationally.


This intensive program (online version: 6 weeks with live videoconferences of 90 minutes two days a week, hybrid version: 2 weeks full-time) combines high-impact classes with in-depth materials for those who want to explore different areas.

This methodology with interactive classes allows you to acquire and exchange knowledge and experiences, as well as promoting professional networking.

Through the designing of your own Individual Development Plan, with one-to-one mentoring/coaching sessions, you will put into practice the knowledge and leadership skills acquired.

  • 100% online with high impact classes
  • Practical methodology focused on strengthening your soft skills
  • Access to an Individual Development Plan with powerful tools:
    • Assessments to analyze your behavioral profile
    • One-to-one sessions with a mentor/coach to create your own Leadership Action Plan


Title Content
MODULE 1. Personal and Team Leadership Self-knowledge and purpose
Resonant and situational leadership
Leading high-performance teams
MODULE 2. Opportunities and Strategy Business strategic vision
Gain through innovation
Customer experience
MODULE 3. Alignment and Influence Complex problem resolution
Value agreements
Effective communications
Individual Development Plan