MIU City University Miami announces 100 OAS Scholarships

MIU City University Miami is happy to announce 100 new scholarships in conjunction with The Organization of American States (OAS) Academic Scholarship Program for degrees studied at MIU City University Miami. This program grants undergraduate and graduate scholarships every year to outstanding students from the 35 independent states of the Americas for the pursuit of tertiary education studies.

MIU aims to provide innovative and affordable degree programs and learning opportunities for national and international students, using the latest technologies and responding to the needs of students in their pursuit of academic, personal, and professional integrity. MIU has a special sensitivity to serve those students who, due to various circumstances, are unable to access face-to-face centers or those who are able to, but prefer to opt for more open and innovative solutions that emerging technologies open up online.

MIU is part of the PROEDUCA Group, the undisputed leader in online education in Spain with a growing presence in Latin America.

The OAS supports its member states in the creation and execution of programs that promote human development at all educational levels. It fosters training opportunities to improve the quality and equity in education, supporting the Member States—through their diverse cultures—in the economic, social, and human development of their people. Enabling access to knowledge and skills through educational training contributes to the improvement of living standards of citizens and communities in the region.

Degrees eligible for the OAS scholarships:

Modality: Online (degree from Florida, United States)

Language: English

Duration: 1.5–4 years

Deadlines: Admission to the university and application for the scholarship: August 10, 2020

Calendar: Classes begin: September 12, 2020

Benefits: 60% tuition waiver for scholarship recipients

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