A Customer Journey Map evaluates and analyzes each stage in a customer’s buying process to understand their experience and what must be improved in order to meet their expectations.

The Customer Journey Map is a tool that allows us to graphically represent the stages that a customer goes through from the moment they find a new brand until the end of the purchase process, what their experience has been like, how they rate the purchase process, the problems they have encountered, critical points, etc.

What are Customer Journey Map’s applications?

·       Identifies the critical points between what the customer is looking for and what they get.

·       Makes a better profile of the target audience and improves the marketing strategy.

·       Identifies a logical order in the customer experience.

·       Proactive, anticipates possible incidents to improve the customer feedback process.

·       Improves campaign profitability.

How do I design a Customer Journey Map?

1.    Establish the Customer Journey Map’s goal and purpose.

2.  Profile the buyer.

3.  Identify how the customer interacts with the brand:

  • How they got to know us.
  • What they like about our product.
  • What their experience was like.

4.  Design the map, identifying the points that need to be fixed, the difficulties when trying to purchase, and the reasons why a potential customer does not finish the process.

5.  Test and analyze the Customer Journey Map as if we were a customer, so we can have a realistic picture of the process.

6.  Constantly improve it through identifying possible changes and implementing them on a regular basis.

In short, knowing the customer experience in each stage of the purchase process is essential for our company’s success.